Friday, November 18, 2016

A Sprinkle for Anabell

Mommy had a "sprinkle" for Anabell.  You have a "shower" for the first child but a "sprinkle" for babies after that.  "Owls" were the theme of the day, since the nursery will be all decorated in owls.

Mommy had her toes painted pink and little owls painted on her big toes.
Mommy's best friends, sisters Kelly Cook and Rebecca Barr
Mommy and dayday
The Timmons/Dawkins girls
The Bogards
Mommy's cousin, Amanda, is expecting Baby Connor on February 22.

Dayday did the decorations for the shower.
Ribbon wreath on the front door welcoming guests.  Wreath will be used later on the door to Anabell's bedroom.

Diaper cake
Mommy's corsage

"Anabell Grace" banner

Pink fingernail polish as a thank you take away
A bag of pink chocolate popcorn as a thank you take-away 

Mommy got so-o-o-o many great gifts!

Dayday gathered all of the baby dolls that she had kept when Mommy was a little girl, cleaned them up and redressed them all to make a special gift for Anabell.

The food was delicious including cookies and "sprinkle" cookie dough dip, pink punch with much of the food themed with owls!
Grandma Linda made the cheese and cracker owl.
Dayday brought owl-themed chicken and celery.
Great Aunt Ree made the fruit owl.
Cousin Amanda made the cute little owl baby deviled eggs.
Second cousin Kelly made the veggie owl.

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